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Preparing for College

Preparing for College

“As a 1079 student, preparing for college for me began in middle school. It takes hard work but it paid off. Today, I’m a student at the University of Washington and in one more year I will graduate!” HB1079 Student

Any student can be admitted to a college in Washington state regardless of immigration status. Preparing for college is a process that takes hard work and dedication, but it is rewarding and can make a huge difference for your future. Good employment options and other opportunities come with a good education.

Preparing and planning for college should begin no later than middle school and continue through high school. The earlier you begin to take your education seriously, the better prepared you will be for college.


Begin thinking about and planning for your future early. Dream your dream, and begin to prepare for it. Work hard; don’t take your education for granted. No one else can do these things for you. You alone can choose to make education your top priority, and the sooner you decide to do this, the better chance you will have to go to the college of your choice and to realize your dreams for the future. You alone have the power to not let anyone or anything stop you.

It is up to you! But know this — there are adults in your communities and schools who will help you along the journey to college. Sometimes they will come to you. Other times you have to be willing to seek them out and ask for assistance.

Begin your journey by clicking on Helpful Tips on preparing for college.